It's the little things that mean the most.....

When I pray for these children my prayer is for them to have kind, loving hearts....this is our life...our journey...our Hardy Hearts....

Monday, June 30, 2014

The Great Boat Race

 Lila Ray so so excited about her carved Ivory soap boat for the Kindergarden Boat Race!
 But tragedy struck right before it was her turn to blow....her precious Ivory soap boat was in her eyes...and it was stinging..... oh sweet girl....
 But she finally got it together enough to blow her boat and she even won her race!
The Ivory Soap boat race is a right of passage at Goshen and I am so happy she was able to do it...soap in her eyes...and all!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Riggs at 12

So Riggs is 12 now....
and we have the Instagram birthday shout outs to prove it.....

 So what is Riggs like at 12? Well, he is beautiful for one...I guess handsome is the better word...but I think he is stunning. He is smart...but he doesn't have to try hard at school and I wish he did...a least a little bit. He made straits A's with out studying more than 15 minutes all year. He is funny...and witty...I laugh every day at something he says...and this is so refreshing because he was so often so serious as a child. He loves his very much. They mean the world to him and he treasures his time with them. He is active...he runs, plays basketball, swims,and loves to be doing! He says he is going to do The Escape from Alcatraz triathlon when he is 18 and the IronMan at 21. He is skinny...always hungry...but skinny. I love how I can have conversations with him now...about the world and just anything...he has an opinion and that is really's a new way I get to discover him and who he is. I think he is just the coolest kid....and I am very proud of him.
I see quite a bit of his back these he leaves....always going off to do something with someone.....and even if we are all together he walks ahead...sure of where he is long at my side for guidance...or behind me for my lead....

He is growing up...and I just love him more every day!

Thank you, Jack-Jack

I would like to take a moment to thank my dog, Jack, for the countless hours he has put into helping Lila learn to read. He has been patient and wonderful and has listened to more books than I can even count. He will listen for as long as she is willing to read...and some days that has been a very....very long thank you, are the sweetest dog ever....and Lila loves you so much for your support this year.

Riggs' Real Birthday- Happy 12th!

You have to celebrate on your REAL no matter what! SO today we celebrated Riggs's Real birthday on his Real Birthday! He chose Hometown Pizza with his buddies that could come!

 Of course, the Family and the Timmerings were there to celebrate too!

 I can't believe he is year he will be a Teenager! I hope we wishes to be little forever on his requested Dairy Queen ice cream cake. (sniff....sniff....)

 We opened presents ......
 and I love that he got a Flash shirt...he lived in his Flash costume when he was little!
 It was a fun night....

 Even the car ride home was full of laughter!
 Back at home the boys played basketball.....
 and he got more presents....
 all in all..I'd say he had a great day on his 12 th birthday! We sure love you, Riggsy!

Lila's Kindergarten Zoo Trip

 I have now been to the zoo with all four of my littles their Kindergarten year at Goshen! It's tradition and so much fun! Of course, everything with Lou Lou, my last...the bittersweet.....

But we had a great day! She loves all her friends in the class so very much!

 I am so glad I got to go on this trip with her and share in this fun, kindergarten memory with her!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Goshen Mud Run

 As a Fund raiser this year we have looked into more family activities an less "buy this" from our Goshen families. Today was one of the family events I was most excited about! The Mighty Titan Mud Run came to Goshen to raise money for class leveled books. The weather was beautiful and the kids had an absolute...muddy......messy...great time! Rollins has a fractured foot but I let him take the boot off to get a little muddy with his friends!

 Sk LOVED it!!!!!!!! She ran it about 12 times! This girl is girly but she jumps right in to this kind of thing and I love that about her! Down and Dirty! She had a ball!

 She lost her shoes in the mud pit but just kept on going!
 Julia, Emily and SK ran it together several times and giggled the whole way!

 They finished holding hands and shouting "friends forever"!

 It was just a fun event and we all loved every second of it!

The fire truck was there to hose the kids off...but it mud was caked on and even after bath number one...we found traces of mud in ears!
Lila ray would only do it with I could not take pics of her while I was rolling in the mud myself...hoping the mighty titans got one I can buy of her doing it! 

Friday, April 25, 2014

Tates Creek Track Meet

After a FULL day...Goshen door decorating...a reception I hosted at Goshen, a Kindergarten zoo trip..I picked Riggs up from school and he and I headed to Lexington for a track meet at Tates Creek High School. He has very few friends on the track team and today not one of them were there. He hung with me...we sat in the the sun set...under a blanket. He was tired from the week...I was too. We both just wanted to go home...but we left that unsaid.  Jeremy was on first call but surprised us and showed up. Riggs usually takes a potassium pill before he runs and when I left the house that morning I did not grab them. It hit him that he didn't take it and he freaked out a bit...he was afraid he would cramp up on his run. I felt terrible. I try so hard to juggle the 6 of us...but sometimes I drop the ball...even with my very best efforts. I suggested a melt away tylenol that we told him was a potassium pill...mind over matter....and it worked like a charm. 
Riggs, when you read this later in life....just know I love you..sorry to trick you but it worked.
 It was a big meet...stiff competition..
 He was little.....and most everyone in the heat ran a sub 6 mile....yikes!
 But he ran and...without potassium...earned himself a new PR...a 5:29 mile!
 Now the tough was cold...and we were freezing. Riggs and I sat in the truck the dark for over an hour together...and at 11 pm...tired and cold...they called him to run 2 miles as fast as he could....(deep sign)....we both wanted to eat....and have a warm bath...
 but off he went....
 and it was hard.....
 really hard.....
 but he did it...and I was so proud of him....
We gathered our stuff and headed to the car....stopped by Wendy's for nuggets and Starbucks for a Vanilla bean frap....he so deserved it! We headed back to Louisville and at midnight when it was officially his birthday I cranked the music and flashed the lights and beeped the horn! Riggs was officially 12! We were bone tired but together ringing in his birthday!