It's the little things that mean the most.....

When I pray for these children my prayer is for them to have kind, loving hearts....this is our life...our journey...our Hardy Hearts....

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Bubble love

I am a firm believer that a nice, warm bath can make almost anything better. My littles believe this too...I think it's just a part of their genetic make up. On a sick day we take bath after bath....on a stressful day we  can be found taking a soak...and on any given day we just love climbing into a tub of warm water and bubbles. Truly, it's just the best. But the best part about a nice, warm bath is the company you keep and the conversations you have. I love a bath by give me time to think...and relax..... but my favorite baths these days are the ones with my baby. Most every night...she hears my bath water running....and here she comes to join me. We talk and giggle...about everything and nothing....we play barbies and practice spelling words....we tell stories and have the best time amongst the thankful for my baby and bubble love.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Trinity Tailgate

Fall and football is sneaking up on us....and oh I love it! Tonight we went to the Trinity / St. X game and just had the best time!
 The boys played football in the parking lot and everyone wanted a picture with the cheerleaders!

 The sun began to set and the National anthem was played and the boys went on into the game.

 The Momas sat for just a little while longer at the tailgate...talking about everything and nothing.
 We enjoyed the game and this taste of fall!

A feeling of accomplishment

We all know the transition to Kindergarten was a big rough for Lila Ray. We seemed to try every possible thing to get her motivated...excited...and happy about going to school. As a Moma I was at my wits end...she would have a few good days and then about 10 bad hurt my heart so very much. I had been patient..tried comforting her...keeping her busy with tasks and focus...been stern and pushy...and finally I put my hands in the air and resorted to bribing her. Sad but true, folks. Sad but true. Jenna drop off this Special barbie that Lila had noticed in a store and wanted and so the next morning I showed her the barbie...and brokered the week of no tears and the doll was hers the minute she got off the bus on Friday afternoon. Face to face....eye to eye...we shook on it. The doll went up on the highest self in the house. 

The days went by with no tears...and before I know it it was Friday morning. I sent her off with love....
 and when the bus pulled up Friday afternoon....sister comes flying off the bus....yelling..."I did it, Moma!!!"
 and she had! The barbie was hers....but more than that...she also now owned a sense of accomplishment...a goal set and reached.....and a happy week of school under her belt.

Yes...I bribed her....I paid her for this tearless week...but to me it was priceless. Wishing you many more happy weeks of school, my Lila and here's to your fist lesson on commitment!


Thursday, January 23, 2014

lunch date

Jenna and I don't meet for lunch or coffee...we should...but we don't...maybe I will look into doing more of that...we are together for "fun let's make memories times" and "i need you times" but we did meet for a very special lunch date today. We both did a drive the for a drink and met at the doctor's office for our flu shots. We laughed about this "lunch date" so weird...but so us.  Here's to Fountain drinks, flu shots and friendship!

Welcome Back Blog

Do what you love and do it often....this is a quote I believe with my whole heart...but some how a forgot this for a moment...with my blog. I love blogging...for me it is like a's a way to really step back and look at my life..and perspective is always good. It is a way to relive the immense happiness my family and friends give me...and a way to remember the sad times too. Because the dark times make the light so much more warm. I just got caught up in life....busy, crazy life...and I didn't make time for my blog and oh how I have missed it.So I have a lot of ground to make up...but I can't wait to catch up...if only I could feel this way about working out and laundry....(deep sigh).

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Kentucky Kids Day 2013

Kentucky Kids Day is always so much fun at Goshen! It is just a day to let our awesome Gators know how special they are!
This year I had Kona Ice come and it was a hit for sure!
 Happy the sunshine...feeling loved.....
and enjoying a sweet treat too!

Happy Kentucky Kids Day to all my Gators!

Mile Split

Can you imagine how excited we were to pull up MileSplit on my phone and see the North Oldham Boys on the cover of the site! It was awesome and so exciting to see these boys getting a little attention as we get closer and closer to state. Just a memory I want to remember! Go North!