It's the little things that mean the most.....

When I pray for these children my prayer is for them to have kind, loving hearts....this is our life...our journey...our Hardy Hearts....

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Girl Time for Lila

Lila has really been missing her friends from her....soon to be....2nd grade class. So we invited over the crew for a little summer fun!
The reunions were precious...full of love.
 Lila is so blessed to have such a fun group of girls to call her friends!
 They dance, they played, they crafted, but most of all they laughed! They had a fun afternoon together and my Lila was happy as she could be!

fun with DA

How lucky is Rollins to have Derek Anderson as his basketball coach?! I mean, that's just cool! Every Tuesday night he hangs with him at practice and them they will be having games on Fridays.
 What a unique and special opportunity for these boys!
 So thankful for this opportunity!
Enjoy every second, Rolls!

just 4

My littles love their friends....they just do and so often we have friends over...they go in and out all day long...and I would not have it any other way. But sometimes it's nice to have time together for just the 4 of them...and when we do we have to leave the their are no knocks on the door...or face time calls on the iPads. Today we headed for a picnic at the park and  enjoyed some creek and playground time!

It was so nice...just the 4 of them.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Last Swim Meet of the Season

Hard to believe but we just had the last swim meet of the season! All we have left is Qualifications and maybe Championships...the season has just flown by!  A Swim team summer Monday is always fun ...waiting for the heat sheet to hit your e mail....knowing that friends and Kona Ice will be a part of your summer's just a part of our summer...a happy part!

 We are still in awe of Little Beans and how well she has done this season! We expected tears and fights...but we have seen a brave little girl who swims like a fish...( still dives in like a bunny though!)

 Tonight she tried back stroke for the first time! Go Beans!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Summer Fishing

Rollins especially loves to fish and I love that he loves to fish. A fishing morning is always a good one. Rolls and Braden sat on the porch for an hour getting the poles ready...talking and laughing the whole time about everything and nothing. Just being friends...just being boys.
A simple task and good conversation is a beautiful thing.

Today we fished outside of the's always fun to try a new fishing hole. Being outside with new trees and flowers to rocks to sit paths to take.
yes....changing it up is a beautiful thing.

 They do it all...they ready the poles, bait the hooks, and help each other out. You hold my pole....I'll hold yours. You bait my hook...I'll bait yours. Because knowing you can get by with a little help from your friends ....that also is a beautiful thing.
Today Braden was the lucky one..he caught the biggest and the most fish..and was all smiles!And knowing some days you are just going to be the lucky one...well....that, my friend, is a beautiful thing.
 Rollins...on the other hand...had a rough time...bait kept coming off....his line broke a few time....once it even got caught under a log......but he kept trying.....even though his patience was wearing thin.....

he kept casting that line......
He kept waiting for that nibble...for that bob of the pole....
and finally...after too many casts to count....
he caught one!
 yes...patience...and believing that if you try one more time....and having the courage to a beautiful thing too.

 We certainly had a beautiful morning fishing! Can't wait to do it again!

a summer night in June

On this night the Tardy boys headed off to dinner with Gran Gran...the Tardy girls headed off to a Teen Beach Movie party.......

and the Tardy parents headed off to Boots, Brews and Barbecue at the track!
It was such a beautiful night....even cool for a summer night!

It wasn't long before the jackets went on!

This night was so fun....and much needed for sure!
 We made memories and laughed so hard Jenna and I almost peed our pants!

 Something about the track and this crew is always a fun time! A night at the track with them never disappoints!

Pirate Meet 2015

It was time for the annual GOCC Pirate meet! I got my Little Pirates ready!
and off we went for our last home swim meet of the season!

 I loved seeing SK and Julia help with the National Anthem this meet. With the 4th coming up we are more in love with the red, white and blue these summer days for sure!

 We are all so proud...and surprised really... by Lila and her swimming.

She just started to put her face in at the end of the summer last year and here she is scoring points for the team this summer! The Grandparents and Big Brother came to see her do her thing this meet so that was fun for our Beanie!

 Sarah Kate enjoys every meet mostly because she enjoys her friends so much!
But a heat ribbon for Breast stoke tonight was an added bonus!
 and Rolls swam his heart heart...all the way to event number 76! It was a long but fun summer night!